45th!!!! Impossible!!!

We just returned from my 45th high school reunion. 45th? I know!! How can that possibly be? Where has the time gone? Where did this belly come from? It was really a great time until Nannette tripped over her walker and we all went down like dominoes.

Actually both events went very well. In fact I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun. Seeing so many of my friends was such a joyous occasion. Heck it was even fun talking to the one guy that I don’t like. You know who you are and why. Just kidding. I can’t think of one person who I really don’t love who was there and some were not there. It was amazing.

I was also very honored to be asked to do a little bit of stand-up comedy on the second night. We kept it a secret until it was time to go up just in case I wasn’t feeling up to it. But it was a blast! In high school I made it a goal to make as many people laugh as possible. That was much more fun than actually attending classes.

How lucky I am to be associated with such great people. The only hard part was getting there. It’s a long drive and I don’t drive so Heather ended up driving 1900 miles round-trip. We wanted to stay at the famed Eureka inn, but that ended in disaster. More on that tomorrow. It’s great to have had that experience and it’s also great to be home and blogging. I’ve missed you all!!

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