Staycation??? Vacation???

Tomorrow we will begin a vacation which promises to be a wonderful experience, nay, filled with wonderful experiences. We will leave first thing tomorrow morning. First, North Lake Tahoe, then on to Eureka California for my 45th high school reunion. Then to Reno, and then home. Should be awesome. Or we could bag the whole thing and stay home.

The good thing about vacations is that reservations have a tendency to push you along. If you stay home you can take the time off and leisurely go about your business. If you don’t feel like going to do something you don’t have to. If you like sitting around the house in your skivvies, you can do that too. One of the problems when you stay home is that you get used to doing nothing but staying home.

That makes it very rough when it’s time to go back to work. You’ve become so used to staying at home and doing what you want and now you must get up early and go to an office or store, wherever you work and start taking orders again from your knucklehead boss. You realize at that point that you should’ve taken a vacation instead of staying home.

Sometimes we have no choice. We just don’t have the money to go on a proper vacation. In that case, you probably won’t have enough money to even do a proper staycation. I highly recommend one of two things. One, save your vacation time when you can afford to take it and go on a real vacation, or two, Knock off a couple of liquor stores and hit the road for Wally world. When you get back home, just act naturally.

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