How Could They Lose So Badly??????

Well, all the hype is over, all the moves in the draft picks the supposed incredible practices and system Brian Flores installed the result is still the same the Dolphins are 0 and 1. they were absolutely trampled by the Baltimore ravens yesterday. I can’t kind of suspicious when they put the cheerleaders in to play late in the first quarter.

They didn’t even have to wear helmets because their hairspray was so thick. Maybe that’s the way to go. No, now that I think about it, that would be a bad move. If they were receivers, the defensive backs would be all over them and they’ve never get open. Of course they could always use the famed and successful flirt and go play. I forgot about that one. I say play the cheerleaders every game

Perhaps wait until they’re all having their monthly, because I’ve never seen women so nasty and aggressive as during that time. The running backs would get stuffed, The quarterback would get sacked and receivers wouldn’t stand a chance after being hit by one of them. Yep, I like it.

The Dolphins can tell their fans that they are in a rebuilding mode, and that’s why they lost so bad yesterday. They will tell us to be calm while they rebuild The team into a powerhouse. Correct me if I’m wrong but Bill Belichick took over a losing patriots team and went to the Super Bowl the next year. You can add all the patriots coaches you want but Belichick he is the man. Try getting him away from the patriots.

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