The Morning After – Ugh!!!!

A lot of people have recommended that super bowl Sunday be declared a national holiday. I completely disagree. First of all for those who work until 3:30 or four will still be able to catch the game and the festivities. The day after the Super Bowl seems to be a better use of the holiday. People need a day to recover, especially if their team lost. Some people drink way too much and also need that time to recover.

I think productivity on that day is very low Productivity anyway because the people either ate too much junk food or drink too much alcohol or perhaps both. Plus no one can stop talking about the game anyway so why not just call it a day and let everyone recover.

Let’s face it it’s a sporting event that is the most watched event in United States and beyond. Millions and millions of viewers and as long as the patriots don’t win the game it’s normally nsanely fun. They always have a tremendous turnout. Plus, they always have a great halftime show. That used to have better commercials and they have now they were really really funny but they haven’t been as good the last few years in my opinion.

Next year following the Super Bowl I think that most of you will agree with me therefore we can lobby Congress men and women who mostly suffer along with us, except they can go home if they want to. That’s not fair everyone or no one. Come on guys, get together with me on this. Together, we can change the world, one day at a time!

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