Stop The Mud!!!

No worries, through clouds and rain come huge mud slides that fill up the basement and cause people to create their own cursewords. I have a tendency to look at the bright side

Everyone is so worried about getting the mud out of their basement. I say that the things that are in the basement are things that are either never or almost never used. Therefore it makes perfect sense to me to turn the mud, once it dries, into a park for the kids. I’m talking monkey bars, merry go rounds. The cotton candy machine a popcorn maker even skee ball.

Your kids will love it and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess just building the park. Turn something negative into a positive and make the kids happy. Side benefit, the employee down there for hours freeing you up to do more things that you enjoy. You can even put a camera down there so you can keep an eye on what they’re doing. What about next year the answer is clear. Use many sandbags before it even starts to rain, that will protect you and that wonderful park.

I know that some people would think this is stupid but as long as the mud dries in time there will be no damage to the home. Just stuff in the home that you don’t use anyway. Turn lemons into lemonade. The glass is half full. As the year progresses you could add a snack bar that serves hotdogs and shaved ice. The kids would love that and you can charge at cost so that you can replenish the supply as needed.

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