Stop Giving Me Noogies!!!

Jr. High was very difficult for me. It was noogies every day for almost the whole year. Finally a teacher found out about it and I had to stop.

Noogies hurt. Trust me, I have two older brothers and became very familiar with the Noogie. In fact it was so popular to give them to other kids that it was one of the punishments that Biff gave George McFly in the classic ‘Back to the future.’ It’s certainly not a good experience, especially if the other guy has BO. You can die breathing in that odor. That’s a scientific fact.

In addition to the humiliation and pain, it makes you look really weak too other classmates. Now days it’s called bullying. I’m sure it still happens, but when the perpetrator is caught, the punishment is normally Swift and severe. That wasn’t the case when we were in school smaller boys getting stuffed in the lockers, guys getting pantsed, and generally made fun of in all kinds of ways.

Other than pulling hair I really have no idea how girls were bullied at Elementary and junior high school. I suspect hurtful words were exchanged two. Now days with the Internet it can be so much worse then before. I just wish we could all be kind to one another. Being mean is just ugly behavior and it is a terrible choice to make. Let’s teach our children to be kind to others. That is mostly done through example. So next time someone cuts you off in traffic or is rude, as hard as it is, say or do something kind.

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4 thoughts on “Stop Giving Me Noogies!!!

  1. I second that motion! Kindness, compassion … they seem to be “out of vogue” these days. A lady bumps into you with her cart in the grocery store and gives you the dirty look, as if somehow it were your own fault for being in her path. A driver cuts you off and then flips you off. I’m always so uplifted when somebody takes a few seconds just to say, “Hey … how ya doing?” out of the clear blue. A smile and a kind word can go such a long way … more people should make use of them.

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  2. Having two daughters my experience of girls and mostly those they associated with is that they can be vicious in concocting malicious schemes and plans, whereas generally boys are just stupid (self included).
    Bullying though is at last being treated seriously, even if not effectively.
    As for being nice…..
    Nobody should flip me on Facebook, they do not come away unscarred. (Notches on my belt)
    My wife has told me off repeatedly. So I cut back on FB, it was the only way….
    Best thing to do.

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