Times Are Tough!!!

I often fondly remember growing up on the farm. Pa would cut lumber for a living and get as much he could out of the fields while my sister and I helped my mother with things during the day. Then one day my sister went blind… wait a minute, isn’t that the old TV show Little House on the Prairie? And that means I’m a girl. Well, if Barney pretends his father is Drew Carey, I guess I can take some liberties too.

I sometimes like to think of what it would be growing up on family TV shows. I think we would all like to have a father like Andy Griffith, Michael Landon, Ward Cleaver, etc,. And who wouldn’t love having freshly baked, warm chocolate chip cookies when you come home from school? Did anybody really grow up like that?

There’s only one guy that I am aware of who had that kind of a childhood. We were doing an exercise one time about all the bad things that happened to us as kids that shaped us into who we are today. Good stuff too, but I swear this guy couldn’t come up with one single negative incident in his childhood.

How awesome would that be? Or would it really be the best? Every single experience, good or bad has molded us into who we are today, how we look at life, how we treat other people, if we’re nice, kind to others and ourselves then I’ll take that childhood. It doesn’t matter if you know my childhood or not, nor if I am aware of yours. If you’re happy, and truly love other people and animals, you can look at whatever childhood you want and say this has made me who I am.

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