This Medicine Is Killing Me!!!

I didn’t write a blog yesterday because I was so sedated all day long that all I could really do was sleep. I love a long nap I think a 23 hour nap is perhaps a little much. It will be much the same today until my doctor changes the medication or the rotation of the medication. I’m beginning to look a lot like Ben Stein. That guy looks like he’s always half asleep.

I don’t understand sleep. I love it, I just don’t get it. I know that the body repairs itself during this time so since I’m pretty sick perhaps I should go into a self-induced coma for a few years. It would be a nice break for Heather and then maybe when they wake me up I’ll be good as new. As good as 66 can be.

The only thing I would have to worry about are bedsores and the doctor bills. I’m not sure which is worse. They are both quite painful. Plus I’m not sure Heather wouldn’t want me back. A three-year break is certainly more than enough space. Especially since the coma was voluntary.

I really wonder what it’s like being in a coma. Can you hear and remember what’s going on? Can you hear visitors in your room? Can you remember which person said what? That would be pretty cool. You could just look at the person and repeat some mean things that they said about you. Or, you know which one wanted to pull the plug.

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