I’m Walking On The Sun!!!

My number one goal is to be the first man ever to walk on the sun. I’m serious, if NASA ever puts together that kind of a journey, I’m in! Yeah, I know it’s hot but it can’t be harder than Tucson Arizona in July. Besides, at my age I really enjoy the heat more than the cold. I will go in Bermuda shorts and a tank top so that I can get a great tan. Oh yes, it will happen!

Let’s face it. There are many people who are capable of walking on the Moon. In fact I just read about the next mission to the moon and it will include only women. Awesome! I’m not going to sound sexist by making a huge deal out of it but I won’t be the only one who will walk on the sun the only thing I have to be really careful about is what shoes I wear. I don’t want to wear my best tennis shoes because they will probably melt and I simply love them too much.

I’ll have to figure out how to get sunblock that is SPF 5000. I will also need some special goggles because you’re not supposed to look straight at the sun for very long. It’s so big however, I don’t know how to avoid it. Maybe turn my back on it once in a while. After all I do want an even tan.

I will hydrate myself adequately with massive amounts of Tang. It seems to have worked for other astronauts in the past, so it should be good enough for me. I will also coat my entire body with aloe lotion. It seems like whenever people get a sunburn they seem to always use aloe lotion to make it feel better. Why not get the headstart? I will write a blog while floating in space just before I actually walk on the sun. Stay tuned…

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