Stop Ribbing Me!!!

Whenever someone says, “we had ribs last night and they were awesome. The meat fell right off the bone.” Guess what? The meat is supposed to fall off the bone. I have never yet heard someone say, “We had ribs last night and they were awesome. Except I couldn’t get any meat off the bone. The sauce was amazing!”

We did have ribs last night and yes, the meat fell right off the bone. Just as expected. It’s silly. It’s like when you pick someone up at the airport and you ask them, “How was your flight?” I always answer that question the same way. “Haven’t you seen the news? The plane went down and there were no survivors.”

They always look at me strangely like I just came directly from the island on ‘Lost’. I liked that TV show and I know millions of people did too. But as series went on, it started getting really really weird. That’s when I ‘lost’ interest. That little weasel, the bad guy, should’ve been killed off long before the show ended.

There are certain movies and television shows that should have been killed before they were released or scheduled. Lost in space, Is a great example. All of these re-boots of shows that were popular at one time, certainly doesn’t mean that they will be successful now. A great example is the movie ‘hustle’. Although there was a lot of humor in it, the plot was just like The movie ‘dirty rotten scoundrels’. I found myself watching it all the while I am thinking why am I watching this movie? I already know what’s gonna happen next. What a bust.

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The Shasta Rockers!

Click on the picture above to see some amazing artwork. I am still stunned at the talent possessed by the people in this group!

3 thoughts on “Stop Ribbing Me!!!

  1. You have to admit, Jerry, ‘Stop Ribbin’ Me’ is a great opening line for a blues song….if only I could play the guitar.

    As for films and TV series, the list of great premises and start ups ruined by the writers having to meet a schedule, the list is endless….

    My current biggest groan was initially the very inventive ‘Gotham’ which showed much promise, yet by the end of the first series with all the wonderful characters they brought in…Guess what a pop-up ‘serial killer’ just so they could have the hero’s girl friend become a villain in her own right….Don’t care…bored now…..
    (As for Series Two. Four uninteresting previously unintroduced villains march in a police station and start shooting all the cops….Now this is a large police station in a USA city known for its violent crime…right? I mean would they have even got to have drawn a gun before being holed more than swiss cheese? Gimme a break!!)
    OK, I’m done Jerry
    Rant over.

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