Worry A Little. Life Ain’t Happy All Of The Time!!

I wonder if Bobby McFerrin is still happy after he turned out to be a one hit wonder. Seriously? I’m supposed to be happy if I am so far late on my rent that the landlord is going to sue me, I don’t think I’m going to be very happy.

How in the world are you supposed to be happy when you lose your job? It all ties together. Your boss fires you and you can’t pay your rent and the landlord is going to sue you. Be happy about that? Sometimes if your spouse leaves you that can be a happy occasion, but most of the time it ends up in an ugly divorce. And you’re still going to be happy?

So Bobby McFerrin, I think I have to throw the BS flag here. If you’re bankrupt and you’re filing a bankruptcy petition in court and you’re full of smiles during the proceedings, there is no way the judge is going to believe you. Worry, don’t be happy. Once you’re out of the court room you can breakdance, if that’s your thing. You just can’t be happy in court.

I just think the whole concept is ridiculous. If I have no money and a lot of bills to pay, I’m going to worry more than that Chrisley knows best guy. He was just indicted on a whole bunch of Federal law infractions. This reminds me of two things. One, there’s no way that dude is going to be happy and two, Chrisley doesn’t always know best. Now if you will excuse me, my landlord is on the phone and I’m worried.

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