It’s Mayan Day!!!

I’m at my best when the sun rises at 6:35 and sets at 8:28. Wait a minute, that’s today! This is awesome! It only happens once a year. I’m not sure why that is my best day but there must be something involved with gravity or the pull of the moon, Something like that. No, I’ve got it! In 3114 BC, According to the Lounsbury correlation, this day marks the start of the Mayan calendar!

So happy Mayan day! I think In celebration of this day I will go to as many car dealers as I can and get calendars from each one and then distribute them to all of my neighbors, proclaimingHappy Mayan Day! The best day of the year!!” Then I’ll ask them “Where is your Mayan tree?” While they’re dialing 911 I will run home and hide under my bed.

I really don’t want to wind up in the loony bin again. It’s not such a bad place, but it’s kind of like jail. They give you very uncomfortable beds, there’s a lot of crazy people in there, they also make you wear scrubs all day. But I must say the food is really good. I would much prefer to be at home.

I’m not really crazy, I just like to do crazy things to see the reaction that I get. Maybe you could call me eccentric or a moron, but certainly not crazy. It’s just that everyone is in a good mood on a holiday, if they don’t have to work. I get excited on holidays. So why not spread the joy by finding holidays that we don’t celebrate and create a celebration? I can’t wait until September ninth! That’s the day airbags for your car were invented! If for some reason I get locked up and can’t blog, happy airbag day!!

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Nomad Shasta Rockers!

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