I Can’t Dance!!!!

Heather and I were watching one of those dance shows last night. They introduced a new dance called the DC special. All you have to do is take three steps forward, two steps backward, then side-step, side-step, and turn around.

I guess I’ll never be able to be a politician because I just can’t dance. What do they call it? The curse of the white man? Well whatever it is I certainly have it. I can’t waltz, I can’t line dance, square dance. In fact the only dance that I really have down is the ‘get to the bathroom quick’ dance.

The people that amaze me the most are those that dance in clogs. CLOGS. I know! I’m pretty sure they call it clogging. When I first heard of clogging the reference was made to dancing in Kentucky. And all this time I thought it was just the food that they ate. Ba da boom!

Well, so much for my political career. If only I had learned to dance. I have everything else down, lying, telling the truth attractively, belittling other people even if none of it is true. I guess that’s OK, I never really wanted to be a politician anyway. But I’ve always secretly wanted to be a clogger. Now if you don’t mind, I need to get back to my lessons.

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10 thoughts on “I Can’t Dance!!!!

      1. I have to mention this because I love the resonnces….
        There was one from the ‘Black Country’ (the region between the West Midlands and the North West of England, which in the thickest of the local accents would read.
        ‘Yaw gi’ it sum ommer!’
        In plain English…..’You give it some hammer’
        Meaning…..’You get stuck in!’ etc

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  1. “In fact the only dance that I really have down is the ‘get to the bathroom quick’ dance” – LOL! It’s like me with sports – the only sports I really do is running after my little brothers.

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