I’m King Of The World!!!

If I was king of the world I would proclaim that Leonardo DiCaprio must stop saying that he is the king of the world. It gets too confusing. I say it, he says it, then I say it… it’s already giving me a headache. So we must go through the painstaking process of recalling and taking that short scene out of every single one of them.

OK overall I liked the movie. My wife hates the movie, on the one not sure why. There were the few things that were obviously strange. If this ship was unsinkable, why were there any lifeboats on the ship? And if they were going to be any wouldn’t there be enough for everyone? Otherwise, what’s the point of having any at all?

Also, am I the only one that noticed that there was plenty of room for one more person on the wood where she was lying? Chances are that he wouldn’t have made it anyway because he was all wet and already very very cold and even if they snuggled all night long he would’ve still most likely frozen to death. But depending on how long it would take him to thaw out, she could have propped him up in the living room of her house!

Plus, they took every precaution there was except for the thing that probably was the main enemy of the ship in freezing waters. An iceberg. Who could’ve seen that coming? Everybody!

Lastly, what business do I have in proclaiming myself king of the world? There already is a king of the world and I don’t think it would be a good idea to challenge Him for the position. That really didn’t work out well with the guy who tried it before.

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8 thoughts on “I’m King Of The World!!!

  1. First pedantic point. Being a Brit like many others I hold to the belief that the only good film about the Titanic was ‘A Night To Remember’, which was a British and used a very large water tan for the North Atlantic. (Hoorah for us).

    King of the World would be such a cool gig you could get into any sports event, theatre or cinema for free and since no one would pay attention to you all you would have to do is smile a lot and make little complimentary remarks. (And practice the phrase ‘Off with their head’…adding ‘Just kidding folks’ in a knowing way which would keep the leaders on their toes)

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