Hang On A Minute!!!!!!

I’m only certain times one thing in my life. And that is when I call someone who needs to use a computer to give me what I need, and that computer is running slow the person will, without a doubt, make noises like. “Do to do to do.”

It’s not unusual, in fact I do it myself if I am asked to look up something on the Internet. Silence does strange things to the human brain. This is why when your wife or girlfriend Gives you the silent treatment, it is very very effective. I think the next time Heather decides to give me the silent treatment I’ll just go around saying, “do to do to do”.

There a few things funnier than when a news reporter or anchor has the camera stay on them live and they can’t really talk about anything because they’ve already used their sign off line. Or dead air on the radio which I have been guilty of many times. In fact it one radio station I thought I was really doing an outstanding job.

I was on the phone with a listener when I saw the red hot light flash on and off. That means it was the general manager calling. He told me that he was calling to just let me know that I was doing such a great job that night. Sweet!, I thought. Then he said “everything is great except the fact that you’ve been off the air for 10 minutes now!!” Oops! I had inadvertently turned off the transmitter. I’m brilliant!

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4 thoughts on “Hang On A Minute!!!!!!

  1. Ooops.
    When I was training in H.M.Inspector of Taxes we were told, if you must let off steam about the last phone caller, make sure the phone receiver is down (and is those days), settled in its cradle and the connection is well and truly cut off.

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    1. A bunch of us were out at a restaurant after the show and the owner of the club called his girlfriend to see how much money had come in that night. He forgot to hang up and proceeded to rip her to shreds. We finally heard her voice and you could’ve heard a pin drop. Unfortunately for me I lived in the same house. Their explosive argument kept me up all night. It’s kind of funny now.

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