Coffee – Bean Or Fruit???

Yesterday I was at a coffee shop and two guys in front of me were arguing about whether coffee came from a bean or a fruit. I settled the argument with in seconds. I asked, “When was the last time you ate some fruit and went for a walk doing mach II?”

Why is it that nothing from Colombia ever seems to slow you down? Even the snails down there are so fast they can’t even serve escargot. Can’t catch ’em. There is no such thing as rabbit on the menu or even turtle soup. The flies are so fast you have to be very careful just one shot to the head and you’re done.

The drug cartels don’t even shoot people anymore. The head of the cartel just says “Take him out by the trash.” It still looks like a bullet hole, but it was made by a fly. They save a lot of money on ammunition that way. Although I’ve never read it, I’ve heard that the book ‘Lord of the flies’ is really all about the head of a cartel.

One of our dogs, Shiloh, loves to track and eat any fly in the house. I know! It’s gross when you first think about it, but he never misses. So, he gets a tasty little treat and we never have house flies. That seems like a nice trade off.

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