Sticker Shock!!! Call 911!!!

One of the things that the Internet has eliminated is sticker shock. Now people do a lot of research online before they even start to shop. So when they look at the price sticker on the car, they’re never shocked. If I was a car salesman I would hook up the window with the sticker to a car battery. Bam! Sticker shock is back!

Do you think you can get arrested for that? I don’t think so. Even if it is illegal, I can always say “I don’t know what happened officer, I guess I must’ve been in shock too.” You never know, it might work. Facing the alternative it is certainly worth the effort. Attention car sales people, this is only a joke and should not be done at work. Do it at home if you want, it’s a lot of fun.

Even Howard stern cannot be called a shock jock any longer. Everybody knows what his show is like so if you tune in and hear something vulgar, you shouldn’t be shocked, Appalled maybe, but certainly never shocked. So what kind of shock is left? I’m allergic to shellfish so if I eat some I will go into anaphylactic shock. There’s also honeymoon shock when you each wake up and really see what the other person looks like first thing in the morning. That can shock you, but won’t kill you unless you make a big deal out of it to your new bride.

We can still be shocked, I guess, by sudden inappropriate behavior by someone in most any situation. Like, if you officiate a wedding it’s not a good idea to shock the audience by telling the worst marriage stories you’ve ever heard before a couple makes their vows. I’ve only done that one time because the couple asked me to. What they didn’t do was prepare their families. So everyone there except my wife and the couple were very shocked and angry. We literally had to run for our lives.

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5 thoughts on “Sticker Shock!!! Call 911!!!

  1. “when you each wake up and really see what the other person looks like first thing in the morning” – LOL! Sadly, I have heard of some such cases where the guy basically says “Who the hell is this?!” I feel for the people this happens to.

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