I Hate That couch!!!

Heather talked me into going furniture shopping yesterday. I am absolutely, positively the worst furniture shopper ever! It got to the point where every single couch we looked at began to look the same. Finally, every time Heather would ask me if I liked a couch I would simply say, “I love it! Let’s get this one!” She was not amused.

I’m not sure exactly what happens or why, but after just a few minutes everything just looks like a sea of furniture and it is a never ending maze. I tried do the tested and formerly trustworthy method of saying “Honey, you are so much better at picking out furniture. You should just go and I completely trust your choices.

That doesn’t seem to work anymore. I need to come up with something more clever. Maybe I can tell her that I’ve suddenly gone blind. Of course I would recover just before she gets home. I don’t see the point. She’s going to get the couch that she wants anyway, so why drag me along with her?

I ended up going to four furniture stores after being promised that we would only go to two. When she finally picked out the one that she wanted I actually had to flag down a sales person to help us. I was seriously waving my arms back-and-forth overhead and two sales guys just stared at me. Finally, a female sales person came and asked if we needed help. Those guys were mad at her, but just do your job, dudes. The lazy salesman never gets the worm. Wait, that can’t be right.

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