You Bug Me!!!!

Like using the word bug when you really mean bother. I don’t know why or When bother was replaced by the word bug, maybe it’s just because bugs have a tendency to bug us. There! I’ve done it again. Bugs bother me. End of story.

It’s a lot like using the word funny improperly. If something is really funny you will laugh but people use it in a negative way too: funny how that should happen. In that case funny has replaced the word strange. The fact that I am a comedian probably makes me overly sensitive to that particular word. I also feel the same way when I bomb on stage. There was no explosion. In fact it was so quiet, you could hear a career drop.

In the comedy world, we use words to describe how we did on stage that are completely taken out of context. If I did really well I would say that I killed. As I mentioned, if I didn’t do well then I bombed. If i was outstanding, then I tore them up. What are we, grizzly bears? A pack of blood thirsty wolves?

I’m sure that you see what I mean. You get it. Did you see what I just did there? Why Should we use the word get when it should be understand. It’s no wonder that people say the English language is the hardest to learn. Have a great day all y’all.

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