Watch For Falling Rock!!!

I saw a sign that read “Watch for falling rock.” This is a stupid sign because the only way you’re going to know that rocks are falling is when they hit your car and I’m pretty sure you’re going to be aware of it when that happens. I think that instead, the sign should read “If your car is hit by a big rock, call 911 right away.”

That makes a lot more sense to me. If you get hit by a big rock and you get out of the car and just watch it, what good is that going to do anyone? It’s just stupid. There’s another stupid sign that I have read while riding on a very fast carnival ride. It says “please do not stand during this ride.”

You know how they have those signs that you must be this tall to ride this ride? I think there should be a way to measure your IQ rather than your size before you get on any fast ride. You even hear sometimes that people fall off a Ferris wheel. These stupid people should never have been allowed on the ride.

I was in Florida once and saw a sign that said caution: alligators are closer than you think. What the heck is that? Trying to rattle me while I’m driving? I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna wind up with an alligator in my car. Even if I see one hitchhiking I would never pick him up. I would just give him that hand signal that says I’m just going a little away. There’s no reason to be rude to the alligator.

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