Hey, Give Me My Arm Back!!!

Some neighbors just can’t be trusted. Like my neighbor Dennis is very trustworthy so much so that he has my moving dolly in his garage and I have his wheelchair which I use every day in my garage. What I don’t like is when someone says, “Hey, lend me a hand. And then they never give it back. That’s just not right. In fact it’s very rude. What if I was offered a job teaching people how to text message?

I think we should have great neighbors All the time. I’m so blessed with mine. Dennis and I do all kinds of things, I especially like robbing banks with him. We carry no weapons just a note asking for the money. In my opinion if you ask a teller if they will give you some money? ending do it’s just a kind gesture on your part. and they Mike I have a bomb or I have gone Just be nice they shouldn’t be able to arrest you.

Why do yourey trying then should get bored and need to twiddle my thumbs? How am I going to do that with only one hand or how about riding a Harley if it’s my right hand I won’t be able to give it enough gas to write it. There are just so many reasons why it’s really an underhanded thing to do. It’s just plain rude.

Do you have any idea how long it would take me to write this blog if I only had one hand? Actually, with the way that I type using the hunt and peck method, it would probably turn out to be the same. Still The worst is when you a neighbor and expensive power tool like a chainsaw, and then see the very same chainsaw selling on eBay.

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3 thoughts on “Hey, Give Me My Arm Back!!!

  1. It’s really very simple, yet you are making a mountain out of a molehill. If someone asks you to lend a hand, then you don’t get it back, you “pay it forward” by asking someone else to lend YOU a hand, and then you once again have dos manos! Sheesh, do I have to tell you everything? Now, would you mind lending me a hand?

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