My Memoirs Are Really Kind Of Stupid.

I knew the day would come when I would have to write my memoirs. My life story. Completely ridiculous crazy life. So, I am embarking on the journey. I have completed 153 pages so far. They’re all blank.

I know a guy who wrote his life story and I don’t think anyone is buying it. He self published, which is cool, but he’s now telling people that his publisher is bugging to write volume two. How can you write volume two of your life story? That’s crazy. I assume, unless you believe in reincarnation, we have one life story to tell. Call me crazy but I think you might be fibbing a little bit. After all, if you self publish you are the publisher. So I guess he’s bugging himself to write another book.

I self publish my books too, but I have never received any communication from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or anyone else bugging me to write another book. Well, that’s not necessarily true, I did have one person who asked me when I was going to write ‘The twisted musings of a comedian, part three’. At least I know I would be able to sell one copy.

Writing books is strange enough, especially novels. I have a couple of ideas, but right now I’m writing a special project for a person who has asked me too. I don’t know if I will ever write the twisted musings of a comedian, Volume three. It seems to me that three is a magic number for writing books that tank. I remember writing the first one and it was kind of like being on the titanic. So full of hopes and dreams and looking forward to a new career only to watch it sink like a rock in the ocean.

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7 thoughts on “My Memoirs Are Really Kind Of Stupid.

  1. I am eagerly awaiting publication of your memoirs, blank though they may be, and will be checking the shelves at Barnes & Noble each Saturday! On a personal note, I will be needing a ghost writer for my Volume II, because I am coming back to live my second life as a wolf, and wolves have no opposable thumbs, therefore I will not be able to write my own. Would you have any interest in being the ghost writer for Volume II, since you are doing such a fine job with your own?

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