Walla or Voilà?????

If seems that I Hear so many people say ‘walla’! If I attemp to correct them, they get a little testy. What can I say? I’ve spent a lot of time in France and they do pronounce the word with a soft ‘v’. I take no pleasure in correcting them accept to run around the room like a gazelle jumping.and yelling “ha! I’m right and you’re wrong repeatedly.

Sometimes I try to jump too many chairs and get caught. That’s not especially profound, Plus when you almost make the chair the result can be dangerous. Once, I had to have emergency surgery. That was no fun at all.

As I was heading in, I heard my comedian wife say “Don’t worry Jerry, I’ll love you even if you’re half a man!” Hardy har har. But I didn’t care. I just wanted the pain to stop. When it was all over,

Then the surgeon starting to tell me about prosthetics. I said “you’ve got to be kidding me! Doc, I’ve been married for 20 tears. Trust me, the only reason she would be in that general area is if she was looking for her cell phone

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