I Don’t Want To Talk With YOU!!!!

I used to have a therapist that went to sleep during one of our sessions. I don’t blame him because we all know how I can drone on and on. It was a little unprofessional, I think. So I politely asked him which professional therapist he talks to and then switched to that lady.

I really do have a good therapist now but I always wonder since hearing that therapists usually pursue that field in college because they are so messed up, they take the courses as sort of self-help therapy. Man, is that jacked up or what? Sometimes you have a psycho trying to help another psycho.

Seriously, my therapist is very professional and really knows her stuff. I mean she nails it. The assignments that she gives me are awesome. The problem is that just like in high school, I never completed an assignment ever. In fact I only took one book home during high school, really intending to do the assignments. But then there was a street football game and I couldn’t resist. I think I still have that book somewhere.

I’m not kidding. two of my brothers finished assignments and went to college. so did my sister. My other brother is brilliant and started working for a company which he later bought and then went on to become one of the most successful general managers I’ve ever seen. And me? I became a comedian. Not exactly the same kind of professional job. In fact I’m sure that’s one of the reasons why I see a therapist. None of the rest of them do. It really does take a lunatic to get up on stage and try to make strangers laugh for an hour.

Caution! Clicking on this link will result in more laughter!

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