Get Away From Me, Lizards!!!

Last night I had a dream and I was being chased by little desert lizards. Not the big ones just tiny little creatures that camouflage themselves while blending in perfectly and then start moving around freaking me out. I now decree that little desert lizards will be made out of rubber.

I know what kind of problems that would bring. First of all with the desert being as hot as it is the lizards would melt and stink up the place, all the while creating a huge plastic goo all over the desert, however we must look at the bright side; the desert floor would be much like a trampoline when it cools off. It could be a theme park.

Other than spiders and flies they don’t eat anything that would cause a problem in the ecosystem. So, let’s do it! It won’t cost any money because we can camp out in the desert. I just need a few volunteers who were not afraid to turn these little rascals into rubber. OK, I don’t have all the details yet but give me a break, I just thought of this idea.

I’ve got it! Not just rubber, but the material that they made superballs out of. Forgive me for ending my sentence with a preposition. With that kind of material on the desert floor kids could bounce really high as long as the park is open. I’m not sure what to do when they break bones or get stuck on a cactus or stung by a scorpion. Um, having thought it out I think it’s a terrible idea. How about if I just stay away from the desert?

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