Just Seize The Day – Again!!!

Yes. Another one this morning, but it won’t deter me from writing my blog. My therapist wants me to try the keto diet. But I think the only way that it will work is if keto becomes my sidekick telling me what and what not to eat. Keto is a cool name so there must be a guy who goes by that name

After all of these years I am very reluctant to try home remedies. But, this sounds like it might be a good one. I hear that there are lots of bad keto diets out there that are really bad for your kidneys and other organs. I don’t need that so I’ll try this other keto diet and see what works. The main thing is it is supposed to eliminate seizures. Now that would be cool.

Now if they only had a diet to keep me from hitting myself on the head with a hammer. I think that would be helpful because my head is getting very sore, plus there are unexplained dents all over the top of my head. Fortunately I have a good head of hair to hide. I’m just kidding by the way. It’s a tire iron.

As it is, I’m only eating chicken, fish, and vegetables. But I guess this keto thing is completely different. I just hope I get along with the guy and that he is not too pushy. I don’t like pushy. I get enough of that from my wife. I’m just kidding. She is amazing and she reads this blog. I’m no idiot.

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