No More Please, Ever!!!

I don’t like peas in any shape or form. Two reasons. 1) Canned peas are mushy and gross. They don’t look, smell or taste good. 2) Fresh peas really look, taste incredible. So why don’t I like them is because my hands shake so badly I can’t get one in my mouth. Very embarrassing. I wish they would allow exceptions, like a 16 oz ribeye.

Corn is the same, but there are exceptions. Corn on the cob and grits. A little butter and sugar. I love it! Plus it’s thick enough that I can eat it with a fork. Much better. Soup? F’get about it. Even salad is tough. I think that’s one reason I’ve lost 68 pounds since I got out of the hospital. Really it’s only 13, but that’s only 24 days. Not too bad.

I can only eat fish or chicken for meat because my only kidney is not doing well. That’s why I bought an air fryer. Throw It in and cook it for an hour and a half. I learned the hard way that all that does is make chicken jerky which would be fine except it’s on the bone

It turns out that 37 minutes cooks chicken legs perfectly. I love them. A little crispy and cooked to perfection. Tender and juicy inside, crunchy on the outside. The best. If you buy one I will get a $50 commission. Just kidding. I don’t work for them. I only endorse it because it is a terrific product.

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