Snow White Is Faking It!!!

We watched ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ recently. I was astonished! They got the story all wrong! A kiss from the Prince did nothing! A kiss from the Huntsman, however, did the truck. What’s up with that? Although I’m betting that most women would say that a kiss from Chris Hemsworth would do the trick.

OK, but the classic story of more than 90 years is changed just to appeal to a female audience? Come on, this is Hollywood we’re talking about! The land of integrity. Would they really alter classic stories to make a few million bucks? I say no. These people are… Crooks! Of course they would!

Sorry, I was temporarily blinded by the lights and glitter on Tinsel Town. The lure of becoming rich and famous. The broken hearted would-be entertainers who go back to their homes with shattered dreams and souls. The embarrassment of failure, at least in their eyes.

Just as in Nashville, where the majority of the people think they will get a an audition and be the next famous singer. Does it happen? Yes! About one half of one percent of the time, maybe less. Some never give up. They get jobs in restaurants and audition at night. I know a guy like that. After many years of trying, he’s still hopeful. He’s 97.

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