Gold!! I’ve Found More Gold Than Anyone!!

There is an asteroid out there that contains so much gold and other precious metals, they say that there is enough gold to wipe out the Global economy. Or, it’s enough to make everyone in the world a billionaire. I say roll the dice!

Just kidding. Not about the asteroid, but about rolling the dice. How about giving enough to the poor and hungry to allow them to end their hunger and catch up with the median? And everyone’s savings account should have fifty grand in it. That’s what I’m talking about!

I know, if they don’t get a job they will probably blow through the money quickly enough to be broke again, but at least they had the chance. Even then, a lot of money can fill the food banks to the brim and build a lot of homes in third world countries.

It’s all up to NASA. I’m sure they’ll bring it to earth, even though they say they won’t. If they don’t release the gold, into the world economy, I’ll bet we’ll begin to see NASA employees wearing enough gold to be mistaken for rap artists. As soon as they start to rap, we’ll know they are posers. Everybody knows space based employees have no rhythm. Common knowledge.

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