Yikes!!! I Forgot My Anniversary!!!

I know my current anniversary is February 7th. I never miss it. IPhone reminders are amazing! I Forgot the other three. Why do I want to remember? Because on those days I would so sit around in my boxers and an old stained t-shirt, drink beer, belch a lot and scratch myself.

Sure, I’d clean up before Heather got home. I’m not sure she would understand because this is her only marriage and always will be. If I croak, I still don’t want her to remarry. I know that’s really be being selfish, but I swear I would haunt them for the rest of their natural lives.

Not mean stuff, only funny gags. Heather is OCD, which makes it a little too easy, doesn’t it? I would mess things up to create clutter, which she hates but is one of my strengths. Plus, he would get blamed for it. Heh, heh, heh.

Seriously, my first wife, Kathy and her family remain very close to us, her husband Dan included. So are her siblings and her mother. Wonderful people and we love them. Not too bad for a relationship born out of divorce. I would still drink the beer and all of the rest, but only out of principle.

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