Everything Hurts!!!

  • We spent 10 1/2 hours in the car yesterday going to get out new dog, Shiloh. Ten hours! I don’t know which hurts more; my tush, back, knees… I’m a wimp. When I was a comedian I drove all over the place and still had a spring in my step. Well apparently the spring broke too.
  • Plus, I am unable to drive so Heather did it all. All the while keeping me calm so I didn’t have a seizure, which nearly happened in the middle of a truck stop parking lot. She’s still sleeping and deservedly so. Her spring is only 45, while mine is 63, so her spring works just fine.
  • My problem can be chalked up by all of the motorcycle jumps I made over the years. I once jumped 22 buses! Then got bored and started more dangerous jumps. I broke every bone in my body 53 times. I think it’s a record or something. No biggie. The hazard of the job.
  • Wait, was that me? Now that I’m thinking more clearly, I realize that I’ve never ridden a motorcycle. But I think I watched that crazy dude crash again and again. Actually, I do remember being trapped inside a glass cube locked inside a container full of water. Somehow I escaped! I know! Wait… My brain is toast too. Oy with getting older!
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  • 5 thoughts on “Everything Hurts!!!

    1. Whatever have you been smoking, Jerry??? Sleep, my friend … you need sleep … rest … your mind has been overtaxed by riding in a car (with Heather doing all the work) for 10 hours! And now for the important part … HOW is Shiloh??? I hope he wasn’t too stressed by the journey, and by having to listen to you whine the whole way? Have you, perchance, remembered to feed him? And show him his bed? And …………………

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      1. I’m not a smart man, but I know what sarcasm is, Jillie. My favorite! Yes, I did whine just a tad. Shiloh is awesome! He’s warming up to us, which is something they said would never happen. He hit up on the couch with the rest of the family. He even let us pet him last night. I wonder what miracles today will bring?

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        1. Sarcasm? Moi??? Yeah, probably. 😉 I’m so happy to hear that Shiloh is doing even better than expected! Give it a week, and I think he’ll be happy as a lark, feeling right at home! Keep us posted!

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