Are You TRYING To Drive Me Crazy???

The phrase, ‘By the same token’ is often misquoted as ‘At the same token’. That makes no sense at all. Maybe they mean to say ‘At the same time’. Even the correct phrase makes no sense, really. None of it does! If you can’t express yourself clearly, and you’re a public speaker, just quit. Become a Monk or a mime.

This is what one dictionary says:

by the same token

1. In the same way, for the same reason. For example, He has a good ear for music, and by the same token he finds it easy to pronounce foreign words . This phrase today is used in a general way to connect statements that have some logical association with one another. [Mid-1400s] 
2. As a corroborating circumstance, as in Boston’s population has grown very fast, and by the same token its urban problems have also increased . [Late 1800s]

It still makes no sense. Why make any sense at all? It’s more fun if you don’t. Say something like ‘Buy the same token and take the subway. Or, by the same token, spaghetti sauce. Plan and rehearse your Daily Christmas. See? Much more fun!

I was selected to be the keynote speaker at the International Formal Wear association’s annual conference. I found out two days before the event. Pluses, the speech was FOUR HOURS LONG! I know! I knew nothing about Formal wear, which is strange because I’ve been married four times.

On the plane to Orlando, I read a bunch of Brides Magazines which, no doubt freaked out the people around me. But I learned enough to do the speech/seminar. In fact, I got a standing ovation. Seriously? Were those people bonkers? I just learned this stuff the day before! I even had one lady tell me that she wished the owners of the store she managed knew as much about the business as I did. Crazy!

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5 thoughts on “Are You TRYING To Drive Me Crazy???

  1. You make me laugh, but by the same token, you make me question your sanity! 🙄 Tokens? Did somebody say there are tokens for sale? I haven’t got any fish anymore, though, for we have cats and they would eat the fish.

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