I’m So Bewildered!!!

My neighbor and I get together several times each week to solve some of the world’s most unanswered questions. Which ones? Mostly the ones he conjures up in his head. Even though he’s actually as crazy as a mime performing for the blind, I love him so I play along. His latest? Why are humans one of the only mammals, except for whales and dolphins without fur everywhere?

It’s very important stuff! We really believe aliens will destroy our planet if this question is not answered within a couple of months. You have been warned! Here’s Dennis contacting the mother ship. Ok, I just read what I wrote and I must be insane too! I doubt that many of you would argue that point. I know!

Dennis, in the Army. He served in Vietnam.

They are truly the best friends and neighbors a person could ever hope for. They do so much for us. In the past, if I forgot to take our trash can to the street, his amazing wife (Dennis is physically unable to) Carol does it. She’s done it for years. I tried to reciprocate. Now that I need to use a wheelchair outside (loaned to me by Dennis) I am also unable to help with that.

Carol Tyrone Pettingill

Tonight, we are going to their house for the best fried chicken on the planet. Carol used to be a professional cook and restaurant owner and her meals are incredibly delicious. I’ll forget about the scale tomorrow because tonight I’ll feast. She is awesome! I wonder what question he might have tonight.

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5 thoughts on “I’m So Bewildered!!!

  1. Jerry you are to nice lol ! We love you and Heather ! You both are great neighbors and friends !I love to cook and I hope you like your dinner !!! You know I take all calories out lol !

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  2. Isn’t it just the best thing to have somebody to be crazy with? Enjoy your crazy night! And, I have a theory about the question as to why humans are fur-less, but I shall keep it to myself. 🙃

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