Put Me On The Ballot!!!

I’m currently raising money for my 2020 presidential campaign. This is way more expensive than I thought. I honestly don’t know if I can get on the ballot. I’m certain I could get on it dishonestly, and it will probably come down to whatever nickname Trump gives me. Maybe ‘The Bomber’ because of my act. He would be justified in doing so.

Frankly, I like the names he comes up with for everyone. Rocket Man? Hilarious. He’s always been that way. He’s like a little kid in that way. I guess his Mommy never taught him that is rude to call people names and wear an orange thing on his head.

I think if he calls me ‘The Bomber’ or any other name during the election I will simply Laugh it off or ignore it all together. The bully has no power if his attacks go unnoticed. Completely disarming. I’m curious if the other candidates are going to be prepared with their own names for Trump.

In working on a few. Trumpovich, Pink Trump (Pink Floyd – The Wall), Teflon, No Tax Jack, pumpkin head, Troll Doll… That’s all I have for now, but I’ll come up with more. Maybe you can help!

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5 thoughts on “Put Me On The Ballot!!!

      1. One of the most hilarious pieces of the Simpsons was when Homer was accused of something by a local tv station and later they published a list of retractions, one read:
        ‘LBJ did the voice for Yosemite Sam’ I giggled for days

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