Give Me Back My Pen!!!

These days I sign all important documents with an EpiPen. At my age, most documents I sign have something to do with my ultimate demise and my EpiPen package says it can save my life. Thank you, EpiPen.

EpiPens are really strange looking gadgets. I’m supposed to take one with me wherever I go. The problem is they are too big and bulky. There’s no really good place to carry it. But I did have to use one of mine.

We were going to my nephew’s football game and decided to get some coffee and a breakfast sandwich. During the second half of the game I really started to feel jittery, sweaty and my heart was out of rhythm. I realized that the breakfast sandwich had to have MSG in it, and I have a severe allergy to the stuff.

When we got in the car, I used the EpiPen while going to lunch. I really started feeling poorly at the restaurant and told Heather I needed to go to the hospital. It turns out that you are supposed to go to a hospital after using one because your body is filled will large amounts of epinephrine. I didn’t read that part and never made the connection between the name and the substance. The cool thing, though was that I signed all of the hospital documents with the EpiPen and never got a bill. Sweet!

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