Those Ducks Can’t Fly!!!!

I’m in the mood for some silly duck jokes. What do a bike and a duck have in common? They both have a handlebar except for the duck. What does a duck have in common with a Ming Vass? Neither is a lamp. There ya go.

When I lived in Eureka, California, our neighbors were kind of hippies. I know! What a shock! Hippies in Humboldt County? Unheard of! So this couple had some chickens and ducks. One year, they wanted to go away for a couple of weeks, so they hired my younger brother, Fred and me to look after them.

That was a huge mistake. The first thing we decided to do was take each duck to the top of a pretty steep hill, throw them off and see which one would fly directly to the pond and make a nice landing. This was new to them. Normally, they were fed and then just walked to the pond. Not that day.

It was fun until I went to retrieve another duck and noticed my brother on the top of the hill holding a white duck. I thought he knew that white ducks don’t fly. I yelled up at him but it was too late. That duck dropped faster than the stock market after the tariffs were announced. Fortunately the duck survived. Sure, he dragged his left foot after that, but still…

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