I’m So Broke!!!

I’m not sure why people still say, “If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that…”, alluding to the fact that they’d be rich. Seriously, how many times would someone have to hear the same exact thing to get rich on nickels?

I calculate that someone would need to hear the same thing 20 million times to save one million dollars. 20 million times! What could you possibly hear that many times? Ok, maybe something like, “How has Maury Povich managed to stay on TV for so long?” Or “Will the Cleveland Browns ever win a Super Bowl?”

I think, due to inflation and how long that stupid phrase has been around, it should have been updated a long time ago. In today’s currency, it would need to be a thousand bucks. That way you would only need to hear the same thing a thousand times to have a million dollars.

Of course you’d have to collect the money each time and I don’t think many people carry that kind of cash with them and you can’t trust checks, so the only answer is a credit card reader attached to your phone. Since I doubt anyone has ever collected even one nickel based on something someone said, it’s really a moot point. In fact, it’s really a stupid thing to write about. Man, if I had a thousand dollars for every time I’ve heard that…

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One thought on “I’m So Broke!!!

  1. Well, I can think of one phrase that, if I could actually collect a nickel for every time I said it, would have made me a millionaire a million times over by now! Can you guess what it is? Yep … “I despise Donald Trump”! I could be living on that remote island in the Pacific if I earned a nickel for every time I said it. Instead, all I have to show for my troubles is a stack of IOUs for $0.05 each, bags under my eyes, ulcers and grey hair!


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