Don’t Judge Me!!!!

I try really hard to practice tolerance. To keep an open mind and not judge anyone. Except for Patriot and Dodger fans. Ya’ll are just sick in the head and I’m obligated to despise you.

I think it’s not possible to eliminate judging others, no matter how hard we might try. As I see it, those who promote complete abstinence from judgement of others really mean that you should accept their points of view on subjects like abortion, gun control, sexual orientation,etc. But, if you state an opposing opinion, prepare to be judged!

In fact, I know that you can’t leave all judgement up to God. I found that out the hard way in traffic court one day. I contested a speeding ticket, hoping that the officer wouldn’t show up. He did. The judge said that since I had wasted the court’s time, she was going to slap another hundred bucks on to the fine.

I explained to her that it is not up to her to judge me, for only God can be the real judge so I refused to pay. I quickly discovered the consequences of contempt of court. The fine, which was originally $200 quickly added up to $500. The lesson? Men and women can and do judge. Ouch.

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