Happy Mothers Day!!

My Mom was a very special person. One of those people who are willing to sacrifice most anything for her children. The kind of Mom who was there for you no matter what. We could always talk to her and she would listen, even if she may not have the answer. She was always available.

Mom was there for every game, every high school play, every extra curricular activity. She would always listen to my radio shows, as a kid and adult and if I was performing stand up comedy near her, she would be there. She alway put us first. Amazing lady.

Faye Mabbott’s life on earth ended last week and we just returned home from a wonderful celebration of her life. Very few tears but a lot of laughter and great stories about her as recounted by my siblings, some other dear people and me.

As we gathered for a final dinner before heading home, I had a copy of her obituary on the table. One of our servers happened to glance at it and said, “I know her! I love her!” That seemed to be the sentiment of all who knew her. Mind you, we were dining some 45 minutes away from her former house which she had vacated 17 years ago after the passing of my father.

Mom, you will be greatly missed by so many. You set a great example of having fun and laughing through life and even at yourself. I know I join my siblings in saying we love you and miss you already.

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