It Happened Again?? This Is Ridiculous!!!

A 9 year old boy was hungry for McDonald’s. He was home alone, so he called 911. The dispatcher sent a cop to check on the kid. Along the way, the officer stopped at McDonald’s and bought the kid lunch. I think I’m going to call today and tell them that I’m hankerin’ for Ruth’s Chris Steak.

We have been watching the television series ‘911’. I really liked it at first but began to notice that way too many bad things were happening to this small group of firefighters and paramedics. One guy had a rebar rod go through his head and miraculously survived.

The same dude was repeatedly stabbed in the gut by Mattie’s crazed ex-husband, who then tried to kill her. They both miraculously survived again. I know! Another character became locked in a bank vault and began having seizures caused by a nerve agent. She miraculously survived.

In last night’s episode, one of the guys wife was killed when a car plowed into a group of people on a sidewalk. I think I’m going to start watching ‘Game of Thrones’. A lot of bad things happen to people too, but you expect it. Or maybe ‘Game of Games’. Bad things happen to contestants but nothing life threatening. At least not yet.

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3 thoughts on “It Happened Again?? This Is Ridiculous!!!

  1. We have a similar question over some of our ‘Soaps’…Take ‘East Enders’ , the goings on of a small bunch of houses in London’s East End. There are so many murders, violent attempts to end weddings, feuds between neighbours and families which resemble low level civil wars I have a theory as long as you don’t upset any of the locals, just wave, say ‘Hi’ it’s the safest place to live because no criminals would dare go there.

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      1. There was one back in the 1990s called ‘Brookside’. A commentator said he had been told by a estate agent (realtor) ‘Properties in that area would be a nightmare to sell. A murder. A hostage situation. One case of arson. Feuds & fist fights in the street. Who in their right mind would want to live there?’…..And these were all up-market houses too.

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