I Don’t Need That Many!!!

When my daughter handed me my 60th birthday card, I looked at her lovingly and said, “Thank you, Cupcake, but just one card would have been fine.”

Like most people, I’m astonished at the rate that I’m aging. I’m going to turn 63 in just a couple of months. I know! Everyone tells me that I don’t look that old, but I think they’re just being polite. Besides, when someone says that, they could mean that you look older. Yikes!

The most annoying comments come from people in their 70’s or 80’s when they tell me how young I still am. Really? Then why do I feel like I’m 157? Why are the only body parts left to remove are my spleen and gall bladder? Why do I… Ok, that was going to be way too much information. You’re welcome.

In September, Heather and I will be traveling to Eureka, California for the class of 74’s high school reunion. It’s been 45 years! I know! How did this happen so quickly? I want answers! It seems like only 40 years ago, I attended our 5th reunion. Wait, that’s completely accurate. Holy crap! I’m old!

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4 thoughts on “I Don’t Need That Many!!!

  1. Sigh. I come to you for humour, I ask that you make me laugh, and instead you remind me of my age. Sigh. I’ve got you beat, though … I will be 68 next month and I’m still breathing, albeit barely. Now … go back to being funny! 🤣

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  2. I get kick out of replying to folk bemoaning they are 50-something…with the opening gambit
    ‘Oh you kids’
    There again, since 70-80 folk are leaping about the place, you could say us folk in their 60s are teenagers.
    Cool uh?


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