I Feel A Draft!! Now I Have To Put Pants On!!!

I had a few buddies over to watch round one of the NFL draft. Three of the guys hated their favorite teams picks. Ron said “I hate the Raider’s executives. They never get it right!” Dennis echoed the same for his team. Todd said, “I blame my parents. All they had to do was move to Boston…”

I really enjoy watching the NFL draft. I know it may seem boring to some, but it’s just a matter of understanding the process. You get all sorts of cool background information on the players, their families and special things they may do off the field, as well as the reason the team drafted them.

They also interview family members of the young men. When you see these guys nervously waiting to hear their name called. Then they walk out on stage and become instant millionaires. That part I hate. These guys get paid way too much money. That’s why they shed tears when they’re introduced by their new team. They’re overwhelmed by the money. Millions for signing a piece of paper. Come to think of it, I hate the draft and all of the entitled brats.

My friends and I also started a pool to predict which of the new NFL players will be a bust and wind up in prison at some point. Now there’s your real competition. You know it’s going to happen. When you’re making that kind of dough and it suddenly stops, you’re going to find a way to make it again. Drugs. That’s the only way. Perhaps they should choose random prospects during the draft, cuff ’em and send them to prison right then.

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