I’m Losing All Of My Money!!!

I still remember getting my first full time job. When I got my first paycheck I thought, “Man, this isn’t fair! I made more money in college when my parents paid for everything.”

I have been through three different colleges. Harvard, Princeton and Oxford. I had a great time and… Ok, I lied. I got an AA degree (even though I didn’t drink a lot) from Global University. That’s when I became a youth pastor in the 70’s. It was all correspondence, but then I had to go in front of a local board of scholars for an oral exam. Fortunately, I only had one cavity.

It was a grueling test, which I passed. I also studied broadcasting at Rio Hondo college and finally business administration at Ashford University. Ashford has an internet program. It was an awesome experience. Because you could chea… I mean study and then jump on line to take the quizzes and exams. I also had to write many papers.

I wish I would have finished the program. I only had three years to go! I know! I think that’s also the reason I dropped out. Three more years! Another 30k in student loans! Was I ever going to do something with the degree? I was a comedian, for heaven sakes, and in my early 50’s! What a stupid waste of money. Plus, my parents were in no place to pay for everything anymore. Not fair!

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8 thoughts on “I’m Losing All Of My Money!!!

  1. I hear you! I have most of the coursework for my Ph.D. and mainly only lack the dissertation, but at some point I said to myself, “You ninny … you’re 65 years old, and what’re you going to do with it, eh? Why waste the money?” And there it ended. You made me laugh tonight, though, so you are in the right profession!

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      1. I have a B.S. in both Accounting and Political Science, and a M.A. in International Relations. My Ph.D. would have been in I.R. also. Sadly, I wasted decades of my career counting beans as a CPA. Sigh. Gotta put food on the table, y’know?

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      2. I do know. When things were slow in comedy, I ran middle size corporations or conducted management seminars here and abroad. When comedy picked up, I was back on the yuk yuk road. You are brilliant!

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  2. “but then I had to go in front of a local board of scholars for an oral exam. Fortunately, I only had one cavity.”
    Now that should be up there with the all-time great One-Liners.
    Keep up the good work Jerry

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