Seriously? An Investigation? What did I do???

I told a friend that I took Russian as my language requirement in school. Now I see black SUVs without plates outside my house 24/7 and my phone is making a strange noise. Oh, and I’m pretty sure I ran into Robert Mueller at the local 7-11. He was the clerk who prepared my hot dog, but still…

It’s gotten bad. My neighbors have begun putting up flyers encouraging people to impeach me. Impeach me from what? I know! I hold no office. I did in high school but do you think they would dig into my activities from 45 years ago?? And what could they do to me now?

I would much rather compete in a game of ‘Survivor’ with all of the adults on my block. I would be horrible at everything except fishing. The trouble is there are no fish, aside from pets, in the neighborhood. I’ve never been good at puzzles but maybe I could find some hidden immunity idols to keep me safe from the votes at tribal council.

Or how about a rousing game of duck-duck-goose? If I am kicked out of neighborhood, though, by whatever the means, my landlord is going to be very angry because we still have a year left on our lease.

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18 thoughts on “Seriously? An Investigation? What did I do???

  1. Joe McCarthy would be proud.
    There’s one way to solve that. Tell everyone you watch cricket on TV, they’ll soon forget about the Russian course….they’ll just stare at you a lot.

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      1. Dolphins!!!
        (Back in the 1980s when NFL had its first burst of popularity in the UK my sports (any sport)-fan Clare began to follow them and we all fell in line)


      1. Y’see this is really why the American War of Independence brook out.
        What can one do with colonists who empty crates of perfectly good tea into a harbour and won’t play cricket?
        It was bound to result in conflict. ๐Ÿคจ

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      2. We like reading them!
        (And in this case working with the material)
        Keep on keeping on Jerry


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