Where Did It Go????

I love geckos because they’re always green. I’ve compared the geckos in Hawaii to the little Geico dude. All green. But chameleons? You can’t trust ’em. They’re always changing their colors. Oh, and I also don’t like the prism automobile.

I like the ‘what you see is what you get’ type of person. People who are real. I can’t stand those that are pompous, haughty and arrogant. We’re all the same. We all have a story. Am I better than a homeless person because I have a house to live in, a refrigerator and pantry full of food and a wonderful bed to sleep on? Absolutely not.

I just learned that geckos change colors too! Ugh.

Because of this belief system, I am much better than people who think differently than I do. Obviously I have a keen insight into the plight of the less fortunate, therefore I am clearly superior. Gotcha! I honestly believe we are all people, even the chameleon. Wait, is that right? I’ll check it on the Google. Yep, I was right.

And what of the people who seem to change faster than Lady Gaga at a concert? You never know who you’re talking to. Their opinions change depending on the outlook of who they’re with at the time. There’s no way they can be trusted because you never really know who they are. They kind of freak me out. I think I just described a politician.

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4 thoughts on “Where Did It Go????

  1. I adore the Geico Gecko and used to have a small plastic image of him on my keychain. I also love your attitude, for in the past few years, I have discovered that people I thought I knew, people I had worked with for a decade or more, even some family members, are not the people I thought they were. Turns out they were bigots — homophobes, racists, Islamophobes — and I had no idea. Does that make me better than them? No, but it makes me realize that I have little, if anything, in common with them. I ask myself sometimes … was I wearing blinders and didn’t see beneath the surface, or did they change? I don’t know the answer. I still like the Gecko, though. 😉

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      1. Whoa! I’m thrilled, for you are the comedian and I gave you a chuckle! Perhaps I should stray from the serious stuff and go into comedy? Nah … my humour would be too dark, I think.

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