Two Nuns Walk In To A Gas Station….

A car full of nuns ran out of gas. They walked to a gas station but the clerk told them that all he had for them to carry the gasoline was an old bed pan. As they were putting the gas in the car, a man pulled up and said, “Sisters, I wish I had your faith!”

Running out of gas is the worst. Actually, spending the day with your mother in law is worse than that. So is sitting at a wedding all day with a cumberbun that is too tight. I think that’s all. I never run out of gas now, most likely because I don’t drive.

I have run out many times before that, even though I was praying hard each time. “Please God, just let me go one more mile!” Then repeat that until you feel the car suddenly lose power. Worst feeling in the world if you discount hitting your thumb with a hammer.

The best is when your engine dies but you’re on the downward slope of a steep hill with a gas station just across the intersection. You can just cruise in and fill up. Unless, of course, the light turns red just before you get there. Then you have to push the car into the gas station by yourself. Very embarrassing, because now you’re embarrassed, can’t catch your breath and you’re sweaty. Although I still think the cumberbun thing is worse.

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3 thoughts on “Two Nuns Walk In To A Gas Station….

  1. And let us not forget, when your wife says ‘Shouldn’t we stop at this station to fill up’ and you say ‘No, we’ll wait until we get to….’
    And then the warning light, or sounds comes on half way there…..

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