You’re Leaving Me?? How Dare You!!!

My friend’s wife threatened to leave him again yesterday. She’s threatened to quit more times than Brett Favre. Soon the threats sound empty and meaningless. It’s becomes like the old joke, “How can I miss you when you won’t go away.”

Empty threats are useless, especially when you are called out on them right away and you do nothing. I’ve probably made a few empty threats of my own in my life, but normally, if I threaten to do something, I mean it. Empty threats make a person seem weak and almost always prompts laughter or a “whatever.”

Don’t threaten. Do. If your significant other wants to leave to ‘get more space’ or ‘find themselves’, let them go. No hassle, just very politely let it happen. If there are no children involved, don’t ask for his/her new address and immediately change your phone number. Groveling will get you nowhere. Begging is just pathetic.

Cut off all ties, change the locks and get one of those Ring Doorbells so you so you can see and hear who’s at the door before you decide to open it. If your car is in the garage, they’ll never know if you’re home or not. It’s perfect. Then when they come crawling back, you get to decide if they can our can’t. That’s a good feeling.

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3 thoughts on “You’re Leaving Me?? How Dare You!!!

  1. The entire UK is doing this now…It’s called Brexit. Only people can’t make up their minds which are real and which are empty threats, even when they make them themselves.

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