I Need A Vacation!!!

My brother Jim told me that when he asked his wife, Joanne where she wanted to go on vacation, she said that just being married to him was a vacation. I said, “What a nice thing to say.” Jim said, “Well, actually, she said I was the ‘last resort.”

Everyone has their own idea of what an ideal vacation would be. Some want only to relax at a beach resort and do nothing but rest. Others like some activities and others like to fit in as much as is humanly possible. They come home exhausted, but have many memories and pictures of everywhere they went.

Other people like to go camping or rent a cabin in the mountains. It’s a lot of fun but I think I prefer the beach because you can’t get poison oak at the beach. I never go in the water, though because the ‘Jaws’ movies freaked me out. I know the poison oak fear sounds silly, but for some reason I seem to attract spores of that stuff. I get it nearly every time. I know! I’m the only person I know who contracted poison oak in my LUNGS! Plus all of those ‘Jason’ movies freak me out.

A really nice hotel in an unfamiliar city is also pretty nice. Maybe Lake Tahoe or somewhere similar, although the ‘Towing Inferno’ movie really freaked me out. No cruise because of ‘The Poseidon Adventure’. I think I need to stop watching those stupid movies! They have ruined all vacations for me. I think I’ll only do stay-cations from now on. Ugh.

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