Arby’s. We Have The Guns!!!

In Oklahoma, an Arby’s manager shot and killed a customer. True story. “Arby’s, we have the meats and the guns.”

A whole new level of customer service was unveiled at the restaurant when a patron got in an altercation with the manager, threatened and spat on her before leaving. He came back later, ended up leaving, but the manager followed him out and fired a single shot at his car. Done.

Not exactly employee of the month material. I wonder what the progressive discipline process is for killing a customer? A verbal warning? A write up? Suspension? I’m pretty sure the guy didn’t say, “Let’s see, I’ll take a brisket sandwich, some curly fries, a medium drink… Oh and can you add a bullet to the head with that?”

I know I’m making light of a horrible incident, but the absurdity of the outcome begs that it be written. I mean, call the police. Call your district manager and see if he agrees with your plan to kill the guy. Did the guy deserve to go to jail for spitting on her? Absolutely. You never know what will make someone snap.

If it had happened at the drive through, would it be considered a ‘drive-by’?

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