My Cat Gave Me The Bird!!!

A little girl was feeding bird seed to her cat. Her mother asked her why. She said, “Because my parakeet is in there.”

I’ve written before about my love for birds. They just amaze me. Yesterday, my friend Dennis told me there has been a woodpecker pecking the stucco on the side of their house. I know! That happened to us when we lived in the mountains.

I think woodpeckers are beautiful birds, but I think they are a little light on the brain. In both cases, there were plenty of trees around, but they chose stucco. I think they must get concussions from banging their heads constantly, much like an NFL player.

At least the football players have a concussion protocol now. Sadly, that’s not the case for woodpeckers. Their symptoms appear when it’s obviously too late. I think I will build a small examination room for them and begin exams myself. I just need to figure out how to get them to come in there. Oh, and how to check for signs of a concussion in a bird.

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